The Descendants of BASTET
by Karen Lauwrence, published 2021

The Descendants of Bastet, written by Karen Lawrence, gives a complete overview of the first century of the Abyssinian breed, from the first mention of the breed in the early 1870s through until circa 1970. Additionally, chapters on the later development of the colors red(cinnamon), blue, and fawn are included plus the longhair version of the breed is discussed in a chapter on the origins of the Somali. The book is 8 1/2 x 11. Pre-index, it is 365 pages chock full of historical information for Abyssinian lovers! It includes a great deal of registration information, pedigrees, progeny reports and photos of cats important to the breed history.

The Descendants of Bastet weaves together what we do know and what can be confirmed regarding the history of the breed growth, in intimate detail, using pedigrees, progeny reports and historical records, starting with that first mention of Zula, on to Queen Jumbo who was the first registered Abyssinian. While we don't know Queen Jumbo's birthdate, we do know that she died in 1893. Other Abys of her era included Sedgemere Peaty and Sedgemere Bottle, both produced from unknown heritage; both, however, important to the early development of the breed and pedigrees.

This book is the exciting culmination of years of research, studying of pedigrees, scanning of photos and scrupulous reading of many old magazines in search of tidbits to include and expand upon. For over ten years, Karen Lawrence has been working on collecting, archiving and publishing the history of the Abyssinian breed. At long last, her book has been published. It's an incredible oeuvre, and an incredible resource. A MUST HAVE for all abyssinian and somali breeders

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Abyssinian Cat, Virginia N.Tidwell_1

Abyssinian Cat

by Virginia N Tidwell
2002, (englisch, Ratgeber)
ISBN 1-84286-045-3, Interpret Publishing

Abyssinian Kitten Buyer´s Guide_1

Abyssinian Kitten Buyer´s Guide

1981/1986, written for Abyssinian Breeders International
by Carolyn L.Osier (english),
A handbook for the potencial Aby owner  

Abessinierkatzen, Edeltraut Voigt, 1982_1

1982, Kauf • Haltung • Pflege,
von Edeltraut Voigt,
ISBN 3-481-21151-1
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Abessinierkatzen, Edeltraut Voigt, 1993_1


1993, Kauf • Haltung • Pflege,
von Edeltraut Voigt,
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Verlag Paul Parey

Abyssinians-Ruth Cooke-Zimmermann,1991_1

1991, by Ruth Cooke-Zimmermann,
T.F.A Publications Inc.Ltd. (englisch)
ISBN-No. nicht verfügbar

Abyssinians-Ruth Zimmermann, 1980_1

1980, by Ruth Zimmermann,
ISBN 0-87666-861-9,
by T.F.H. Publications, Inc.Ltd. (englisch)

This is the Abyssinian Cat - Kate Faler, 1983-1

This is the Abyssinian Cat
1983, by Kate Faler, incl. Artikel "The History of the Abyssinian Cat"
by Dr. Rosemonde Peltz (englisch)
by T.F.H. Publication Inc.Ltd
ISBN-No. nicht verfügbar  

The Abyssinian Cat-Joanne Mattern, 2001_2

The Abyssinian Cat
2001, by Joanne Mattern,
ISBN 0-7368-0564-8,
Capstone Press